Saturday, January 6, 2018

Another New Year

Wow. It's 2018 already. It feels like yesterday when I wrote that blogpost about going on new adventures and being excited about what 2017 may bring. And I'll tell you this...the year turned out being not so great, but I'm sure that at the end of the day most everyone felt the same way. With that being said, I'll stop on that note since things are supposed to be lighthearted and shortcake-themed here.

So what's in store for 2018? Given that it's only the sixth day of the new year, I have no idea; no one does. But I won't let the events of 2017 deter me from trying to remain optimistic about this year. Lately I've been reassessing my goals in life and separating the realistic from the unrealistic, and in that time I've come to some rather eye opening realizations.

With that being said, 2018 for me will be about change and growth. Sometimes it's a little scary to leave what you've always known behind and to try something new, but after spending so much time in the same field, I feel ready to break out of the bubble.

So I guess I'll spend this year experimenting with new things and seeing where they take me. As for you, dear reader, I hope 2018 will bring positive changes to you as well.

See you soon.

                                                                                                                        - Miranda 💜

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Going on New Adventures

Has it really been four months since I've updated this blog? Wow. Time really flies by. Are we actually about to enter April of 2017? Wasn't it just Christmas?

Recently, I've done a lot of thinking these last few months regarding my YouTube channel. One day I would feel excited to work on a new video, and the next I would rule out working on a project because it felt like a waste of time. SSCTube just isn't working for me anymore. It was never great to begin with, to be brutally honest, but now it seems to be coming to an end. My genre of SSC videos, such as stop motions, original series, vlogs, etc, isn't doing so well anymore, which grows very depressing. I struggled a lot with this, along with YouTube's new algorithm (which does absolutely nothing to benefit smaller YouTubers). However, that's another story. If you want to know what's going on, feel free to check out the video I did touching on the subject here.

Long story short, I want to spice things up on my channel. I no longer want to stick to reviewing anything and everything Strawberry Shortcake-related and announcing every last bit of news regarding her franchise. I found that to be very boring and rather insignificant. Instead, I want to return to my roots and go back to uploading my own original content - not reviewing what everyone else has done. Besides, the SSC franchise only releases something new every fifty years, so everyone ages a good amount by then. One thing I'm looking forward to in particular on my channel is the premiere of Project SSC. You know that new series I talk about from time to time? Yeah, that's it. It's finally coming together, and the editing of the first episode is coming along rather nicely. Be sure to buckle your seat belt: this series is going on a wild ride.

In the meantime, Strawberry and I have been going on a few of our own little adventures. In the next episode of Berry Bitty Vlogs, Strawberry and I are going house hunting! We're not the ones moving, sadly, but hey, maybe it'll happen soon! How cool would it be to have our own place? We also have a new furry friend in the family, so I can't wait to introduce her to you all (she'll make her first appearance in Berry Bitty Vlogs #16)!

Until next time! 💙

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, and to my international readers, I hope you all are having a great holiday season. I spent the first couple of days of my break making a video to commemorate Thanksgiving, which you can watch here. Strawberry Shortcake encourages her friends to state what they're thankful for, but in response she receives some very bizarre answers.

I will spend the rest of my Thanksgiving break relaxing rather than vlogging like I did last year. To clarify, this means that there won't be a Thanksgiving episode of Berry Bitty Vlogs this year (I'm debating whether or not to vlog Christmas), but I'm sure no one will mind. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy whatever time I have left before finals.