Friday, November 28, 2014

A Berry Bitty Thanksgiving

Happy Black Friday! Thanksgiving may have come and gone in the blink of an eye, but
the holiday season is really just beginning. Fall is now transitioning into winter, and
that signifies the change from autumn leaves and orange hues to Christmas trees and
colorful shades of blue and red.

So I'm sure you're aware of what this first post on my blog is about: Thanksgiving and how I
spent it with my family. In actuality, this year it turned out to be a little different than I was
expecting, but all in all, it was equally as enjoyable like all of the other years.

When I awoke this morning, I was quite unaware that it was Thanksgiving - that is, I
knew that the holiday was here, but 2014 has gone by so quickly that I honestly didn't
feel the occasion in the air the way I usually do.

I went downstairs to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with my sisters as
is tradition, and we stayed down there for about three hours and laughed and talked
during the entire time. It felt nice to be able to have that kind of quality time again
because every one's been so busy lately that we haven't had much time to spend

After that, we had to start getting ready to go to our aunt's house. Usually, we like
to spend Thanksgiving at home and sit at the dining room table, nonchalantly chatting
and making jokes while listening to Christmas music and watching a movie afterwards,
but our parents had insisted that we change things up a bit this year and spend the
day visiting our relatives instead. I was a little unsure about this change of plans at first,
but then again, we hardly ever get to visit our other family members, so I agreed to
put off our original plans for another day so we could follow through with our new ones.

As I finished getting ready, I scrambled to gather my things, ensuring that I didn't
forget anything important; at the last minute, though, I grabbed Strawberry and Cherry
(my mini dolls) from my set and decided to pack them, too, not forgetting to bring my
camera so I could document them on my trip. And so began our road trip, which lasted
about an hour and forty-five minutes, but I spent about the entire drive reading for

When we finally arrived to our destination, Strawberry and Cherry were glad to
finally escape from the cramped pouch of my purse and be able to stretch their
legs. Strawberry was familiar with the setting, but this was Cherry's first time leaving

the house, so Strawberry had to assure her that everything was going to be all right.

They objected to this at first, but I convinced them to pose for a few more photos before
anyone else arrived. I guess they grow a bit tired of me snapping pictures of them all the

"But Miranda, why do you always have to snap pictures of us?" Strawberry asked me.
"Can't you ever take pictures of yourself?"

But she already knew why I hardly ever do so: I simply do not like to be photographed,
and as a result I prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it. I want to be the
photographer, not the person who wants to be in the photo. However, I did take this
one picture of myself, but I cut out my face for safety precautions. It's a little blurred, but
that's because my camera is picky with taking pictures in the dark.

Shortly after that, my grandparents arrived, and dinner was soon finished being prepared. We said
a prayer before eating, and as customary on Thanksgiving, we grabbed our plates and dug into the food.

We had a wide variety of dishes, more than I could ever imagine eating for this
occasion: turnip greens, macaroni and cheese, dressing, turkey, ham, dinner rolls,
corn, chitlins (blech!), I think something involving crabs, and several more dishes
that escape my mind at the moment. We also had dessert, which consisted of two to
three pies. Despite our wide range of different options, I just stuck with the courses that
I usually eat for Thanksgiving dinner. Besides, I didn't want to eat too much when I
had to be on the road for about another two hours.

Upon finishing dinner, I did something that I really regret: I drank a cup of cold tea.
Don't get me wrong, I know there are people out there who enjoy it with a passion, such
as my sister, but in all honesty, I cannot bear the taste or the smell of tea, whether its
hot or cold. I don't know what it is about it, but it just tastes awful to me; I'm more of a
lemonade kind of person, anyway. Strawberry and Cherry didn't drink any, but they
were stuffed from eating so much. Perhaps a bit too much.

However, they soon recovered from their episode and returned to a normal state.

A little while later, my aunt showed us a video that she edited for a project she was
working on, and little did anyone know that Strawberry and Cherry were sitting on the
couch watching with us the entire time. In fact, they exchanged comments and
proposed their views on the video, which were positive, of course.

We stayed and chatted for a little while longer, and we were able to see J again, who
is my aunt's cat. You may remember him from Berry Bitty Vlogs #3, which I uploaded
to my channel a couple of days ago of our summer trip. It was really difficult to properly
photograph him due to the lack of good lighting and the fact that he kept moving so
much, so his photos kept coming out something like this:

Eventually, it was time to go, and Strawberry and Cherry were subjected to returning to
the small pouch of my purse once more. They were growing sleepy, so they were more
willing to do so the second time around.

And so ends our Thanksgiving, for the rest of the night was spent on the road towards
home and eating pre-midnight pie. However, Thanksgiving isn't quite over yet: my
mother will be preparing our own meal today, so it'll basically feel like it's the holiday
all over again. As for me, I'm looking forward to smelling the food while relaxing,
perhaps reading more of the book I started reading in the car yesterday (I was
supposed to read more of it on the way home, but I forgot to bring my reading light.
Peachy.) and maybe work on one of my videos a little more - it just depends if I feel
like it.

Well, the next stop is Christmas, and then 2014 will end and 2015 will begin. I'm
just trying to figure out how the year just slipped from my fingers: I still clearly recall
the events that proceeded when 2014 arrived, and then BAM! it's 2015 already.
Where has the year gone?

Anyway, Thanksgiving was really fun, and hopefully my family and I can do something
like this again this time next year. How was your Thanksgiving?


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