Saturday, April 11, 2015

Berry Bitty Adventures Returns to Discovery Family Channel with a 4th Season

I'll make this blog post simple and sweet. Good news, Strawberry Shortcake fans: Berry Bitty Adventures is in fact returning for a fourth season, despite the previous rumors! After waiting two long years, we finally get to see a new episode! I'd lost all hope of there ever being a new season, but then I happened to stumble upon this site yesterday:
 This being said, there are still a couple of fuzzy areas that need to be cleared. First, will this be the last season of Berry Bitty Adventures, or is there a possibility that a season five will follow shortly afterwards? I'd read that there is a possibility of a new television series being adapted now that Strawberry belongs to Iconix, but there was never any official word about it. Second, what made Discovery Family Channel decide to bring the show back after completely taking it off the air? Is there a chance that the company actually read what the fans were saying about their favorite shows being cancelled, me being one of them? That I don't know.
Regardless of what the answers might be, I'm just thrilled that my favorite show is returning for a new season after all this time. However, I should have known that this would be announced right after I come to the conclusion that Berry Bitty Adventures is cancelled and made a video about it and everything. Oh, well. :/

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