Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When Will Berry Bitty Adventures Air Its 4th Season?

Upon the initial announcement from the Discovery corporation that Berry Bitty Adventures will indeed return for a fourth season, there's been no news about its airing new episodes since then. This announcement was made a month ago in May, so I'm sure that Strawberry Shortcake fans are eagerly anticipating the promos for the new season to be released, as am I.

However, I've checked my TV guide time and time again, hoping to see when the Discovery Family Channel will reintroduce the animated series back to its daily programming, but that hasn't happened yet, either.

Since I'd read that the new season is supposedly airing in spring of this year, that would mean that it's coming in May, right? After all, summer begins in June, so it seems apparent that the show would return in about a few weeks.

On the downside, I can't be entirely sure that season four will even premiere this summer - in fact, it may be pushed back to the fall. I'm only resorting to this conclusion because of the details listed on the corporate site: it said that it was listing the lineup of shows for the 2015-16 season, and that would automatically push Strawberry to the fall because I know for a fact that her new season isn't going to last from May 2015 to possibly winter 2016. That would make for a pretty long season, which I wouldn't mind, of course, but we have to take into consideration that the last two seasons of Berry Bitty Adventures only had thirteen episodes apiece, so I won't be surprised if season four is also restricted with a half season's-worth of episodes.

Again, I just want to keep everyone up-to-date as to what's going on with the show. I now know for certain that it is returning, I just don't know when. I've been just as confused as most of you regarding Strawberry's show, and I'm glad that we're finally beginning to solve the puzzle as to what's been going on with Berry Bitty Adventures for the last two years.

As for Strawberry switching to Iconix, I'm assuming that she's still getting settled in to her new production team, and I can tell the difference by the different kind of content she posts on her social media as well as by her activity patterns. I'm just curious as to what new changes Iconix will make for the character, if they plan to make any, that is.

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