Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Berry Bitty Adventures Returns with Season 4 on June 20!

Yesterday afternoon, I was just nonchalantly browsing the web on my tablet, not really expecting to find much on the internet except the usual same old same old, but boy was I in for a surprise. As I have discussed multiple times, the fact that I have literally scoured the internet every single day for the last two years in search of information regarding season 4 of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures, I wasn't expecting to actually find some valuable information when I looked it up this time - usually I would only find my own posts in relation to the new season.

But when I hit "Search", all of a sudden a bunch of articles started popping up stating that the new season is premiering June 20. By this point, I was becoming extremely excited, my heart rapidly beating in my chest as I clicked on one of the articles. It stated that the Discovery Family corporation officially announced by press release that season 4 is most certainly airing next month, so I'm sure you can guess how enthused I was by this news. Now we don't have to just go by rumors anymore!

When I read further, the article announced the plots for the first two episodes. The first one will introduce twins Sweet and Sour Grapes as they help Strawberry at her café as she helps Lemon and Raspberry with an online fashion contest, and the other will introduce Apple Dumplin', who is Strawberry's cousin in this series. I must state that I wasn't expecting them to have any familial relations in Berry Bitty Adventures, but I guess it's good to know that they're making references to past generations in that the two girls used to be siblings.

However, there are quite a few things that concern me regarding the new season; they're not major, only minor speculations that I've made in regards to how a few things will work out in the series. For one thing, now that Berry Bitty City will have eleven occupants, it might become more difficult to focus on each character like the show has the last few seasons. But then again, the base characters have had plenty of limelight, so perhaps that won't be too much of an issue for them, but for characters like Huckleberry Pie, will he even be in this season? I recall reading that there is a possibility that he could move to Berry Bitty City, but nothing was ever officially announced about that. If he still lives in Berry Big City, then, I'm assuming that he'll just have to keep driving over there time and time again, which could grow a bit tiring over time. Either that, or the season might begin with him getting settled in to the town after just moving there. Just a guess. On the bright side, if one of the characters still lives in Berry Big City, hopefully there's a chance that we'll finally see what it looks like!

Also, I'm kind of puzzled regarding Cherry Jam's career. It was announced via one of the season 2 episodes that she gave up her career to live with her friends, which I don't see how that would work out in her favor, but later in season 3 it was implied that she was still working and producing music. Perhaps we can get a bit of a backstory on her character? I really want to see one, but considering that season 4 will only have 13 episodes like the two seasons prior to it, I'm pretty sure that the new season's sole focus will be on the new girls in town.

Furthermore, since Sour Grapes is being introduced as Strawberry and the others' age, what will happen if Pieman ever returns? Will he, too, be a teenager (I'm assuming that's what they are) and be named something else like "Pieboy" or "Pieguy"? That would be an odd change, I'll bet, but I predict that he would most likely have some kind of relation to Sweet and Sour Grapes, perhaps being a cousin of theirs. Or would he return as an adult like he's always been, therefore being the only human one in the series?

The article continues to state that season 4 will have a lot of surprises and the inclusion of modern day internet and travel, and that excites me. Here's why: well, for the latter, we might find out whether or not there are other cities, countries, etc. besides the few that have been named in the previous seasons. Since Apple's a world blogger, there has to be other bitty cities across the globe - I just continue to wonder how they stay concealed from the human (well, normal-sized ones, that is) eye. Are they comfortable around them or in hiding because of them? Perhaps we'll find this out if there's ever a season 5, but it will probably just follow the pattern of the other seasons and introduce even more characters to Berry Bitty City. At this rate, Berry Bitty City won't be so bitty for much longer!

Since there's said to be surprises, I'm curious as to what they might be: is the bitty world more populated than we think, being more than just insects, berrykins, and a few people here and there? What I liked about Strawberry's previous generations is that there was a whole world around them that actually contained other people. In Berry Bitty Adventures, though, the only people you see are the protagonists, and not once have they shown someone who is a background character that isn't a bug of some sort.

After all of this, I dashed to my room to retrieve one of my notebooks so I could start writing a script. To my surprise, I actually managed to film a video about it and edited it the same night. You can watch it below, in which I make the exciting announcement that season 4 is coming soon. Of course, the beginning part is only a joke, though I have actually experienced a few of those things, such as the dreams. I can't even count the amount of times that I dreamt of Berry Bitty Adventures season 4 just to wake up and feel agitated because it never really premiered. Anyway, the rest is just overly exaggerated to add humor.

Oh, and here's the link to the article if you'd like to read it for yourself:
Discovery Family Channel Serves Up Another Delicious Helping of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures with Season 4 Premiere on June 20

Remember, season 4 premieres Saturday, June 20 at 12:30 (EST) 11:30 (CST)!

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