Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer Update

With summer comes freedom, and with freedom comes other priorities. These past few weeks, I've been trying my best to work my butt off and film some new videos, but I'm finding it rather difficult because I want to spend my free time being lazy and watching youtube videos. Despite this, I'm forcing myself to get up and start working on (and finishing) some more projects to upload to my channel.

Yes, yes, I know: A Day in Berry Bitty City episode seven is long overdue, just like my various other over twenty minute stop motions. I'm still working in it, but I can say that I've made some significant progress: if I set my mind to finishing it, I might possibly do so in the next couple of days.

But then comes some minor issues, which I'm still trying to conquer but can't completely rid myself of. First off, I have been very frustrated with my animation skills lately. If you follow my posts on Instagram, you'll see that I stated that I was frustrated with my stop motion and that I didn't know what to do about it anymore. My animations are just too choppy for my taste, and after making stop motion for over half a decade, I want to progress to the next level and reach the professional stage. To my misfortune, it looks like it'll be a while before that can even happen.

Even though I felt set back, I decided to try again because I don't want to disappoint my fans. Thankfully I'm getting back on track, but then came the other detriments that go hand in hand with video production.

For the past couple of months I've noticed that the bottom of my camera has been cracking, and it wasn't until this morning when pieces of it started coming off. I guess the cause is from changing out the batteries so much (plus the body of my camera is made of pure plastic), so I'm starting to regret choosing a camera that constantly needs its batteries changed out. I have to change them out about two to three times a day when I'm using it because the thing never holds a charge long enough. Let's put it this way: if I shoot a couple of stop motion scenes and then hit the record button only once, the battery indicator informs me that my charge is half gone. In a simpler sense, that means my batteries are basically dead.

While I am quite agitated by these issues, like Strawberry, I'm trying to stay optimistic. I'm filling the cracks in my camera with glue, so hopefully that will do it justice. Aside from that, I happily get to go on vacation soon, so I am really looking forward to that. My family and I will be heading off to Tennessee, and of course Strawberry and a couple of her friends will be coming along for the ride. I've already planned their summer attire for the trip and posted them on my Instagram account:

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