Thursday, July 9, 2015

Unanswered Questions in Berry Bitty Adventures: Conspiracies and Theories

After being an avid viewer of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures for the past five years, I've noticed that the series contains some unanswered questions, which brings me to formulate my own conspiracies and speculations of the situations at hand. These opinions are my own and are in no way actual segments of the series, so please keep that in mind.

First of all, when I watched the opening credits of season four, I paid close attention to the new clips that were being shown. Most of them contained snippets of Strawberry and her friends having a pillow fight, exploring a cave in cowboy hats, etc., and it was then that I noticed that Huckleberry Pie wasn't in the intro except for one brief clip of him from season three. As a matter of fact, there weren't any new clips of him at all, which brings me to believe that he won't be a part of this season. Either that, or he'll have very minor roles in the background that aren't very significant.

I find this as strange: the only boy character in the entire series has disappeared? Whenever new characters were introduced in prior seasons and in the current, no matter what the circumstances, they always moved to Berry Bitty City in the end, giving up whatever jobs or careers they may have had beforehand. Huck is the only exception to this, which leads me to believe that he was an experimental character or perhaps his voice actor decided he didn't want to play him anymore. But then I started thinking about the events that occurred in season three. We all saw it: even though the goal of that season was to prove that he and the girls could remain friends without any romantic relations, one couldn't help but notice that he and Blueberry acted like they liked each other in a more-than-friends way. On the web, others acknowledged it and even started forming a love triangle between Huck, Blueberry, and Cherry. If you don't believe me, watch "Partners in Crime", "Berryella and Prince Berry Charming", and "A Basket of Blueberries" - I assure you that you'll see what I'm talking about. What if the producers saw these posts and decided to pull him from season four just for the sake of this one reason?

Another thing I've come to notice is that you never see any humans on the show besides the protagonists. In Strawberry's 2002-2007 days in Strawberryland, there were actual side characters that you would see when she and her friends visited different locations - and there were a lot of them, too. However, in her current incarnation, you only see people when they're going to become a part of the cast. Aside from that, you only see a variation of human-like insects and animals and berrykins.

So what's going on with the human population in Berry Bitty City? Are there just not many people to begin with or are they going extinct? Are there more people besides Strawberry and her friends?

When Apple Dumplin' was introduced in "Berry Bitty Adventurer", she only spoke of her adventures in the "Macadamia Mountains" and other landmarks that are only associated with rivers, mountains, and oceans. Before the premiere, I was anticipating the announcement that there are other cities and countries (besides Berry Bitty City, Berry Big City, Acorn Acres, Berry Breezy Bay, Brooksville, etc.), that Strawberry and her friends aren't alone in their tiny berry patch home. I even had the faint hope that the producers would finally show us what some of these other locations look like, but I didn't put too much faith in that. Sadly, we don't hear about the return of "Pearis" or of other places that represent other countries, so that was a bust for me and makes me think even more that the human race is fairly small in Strawberry's world.  

Furthermore, I'm aware that this concern of mine probably doesn't matter much to other viewers, but I just want to know how old Strawberry and her friends are, or at least an estimate of what age group they belong to. Kids, preteens, teenagers, maybe even adults? Clearly they know how to drive and operate vehicles (but that's to be expected from a children's show anyway) given Cherry lives and drives around in her tour bus, Huck drives his Pup Mobile to and fro, and Sweet and Sour Grapes run a food truck. And then I started thinking: the company acknowledges that in our years Strawberry is thirty-five, so what if she actually is that age but looks and acts like a thirteen or fourteen year old? Or maybe she and her friends aren't victim to aging since Berry Bitty City is said to be magical. I read online that adults don't exist in Strawberry's world (despite side characters like Jadeybug, Berrykin Bloom, Mr. Longface [who mysteriously started disappearing after season one], and a few berrykins here and there like Berrykin Bill and Berrykin Bruce).

This former point brings me to another unanswered question. Do the girls have parents or any adult relations at all? In the show, you'll notice that parents actually do exist in their world if you pay close attention to some of the episodes. For example, in Sky's the Limit (my all-time favorite SSC movie - oh, the feels!), Mr. Longface cried when the girls confronted him on his fake directions to find the fabled Great Geyser Stone. Amidst his sobbing, he said that the book that was supposedly filled with the wondrous adventures of his cousin Miranda was actually his mother's cookbook. His tone was so sad, so filled with sorrow that he made it seem like his mother wasn't alive anymore. Well, he is in the middle-aged to slightly elderly stages, so that could have been probable. In addition, in a couple of the season one episodes, you'll notice that it was implied that some of the berrykins had their own children. Remember in "Babysitter Blues" where Baby Berrykin splashed another berrykin's color-numbered canvas in Blueberry's bookstore? There was an older berrykin there that was supposedly his parent whom Blueberry told "You should enroll him into some event-taking classes!" Plus in one of the Glimmerberry Ball episodes, Strawberry read the story about the annual occasion, and there was an image of a parent berrykin cuddling what was supposedly her child. With this being said, wouldn't Strawberry and her friends have parents, too, if the rest of the characters have them? I just think it's a bit odd how that works out. Unless they were born in their namesake areas like Cabbage Patch Kids and that's how they got their names. Or maybe they are older, so therefore they don't have a need to live with their parents any longer. Again, I'm probably the only one who overthinks this stuff, but back in the 80s SSC specials, Lemon Meringue mentioned that she had a mom and a brother, and that was the only moment in the history of Strawberry Shortcake that that ever happened.

Finally, for the past couple of years or so, I've become curious of whether or not actual human-sized people exist in Strawberry's world. Strawberry and the gang are bitty, hence the title of the show and where they live, but how would they look in comparison to a normal-sized person? I recall seeing promos some years ago back when Discovery Family was still The Hub, and Strawberry was animated outside playing hide-and-seek with a real girl. In the commercial, Strawberry looked like she was at least a foot tall, which changed my thoughts from thinking she was two or three inches like the mini dolls, but then I realized that the animators probably made her larger so you could see her better on the screen. In another promo, a summer one at that, Strawberry and a couple of her friends were relaxing by the pool in their beach chairs, and they were so bitty that the real people in the shot were giants compared to them. This just makes me wonder if Strawberry and her friends were ever to have an encounter with a larger human being, would they be comfortable around them or become scared and run away? That is definitely a moment I want to see.

I'm certain that there are countless other conspiracy theories out there from other Berry Bitty Adventures fans, so if you enjoy the show and have your own thoughts on some of the events in the series, feel free to leave a comment below to share your opinions. I would love to hear them!

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