Monday, January 4, 2016

New Blog Layout & Back to School

Happy New Year! Alright, I'm a bit late on that. To ring in the new year, I went the extra mile to give my blog a fresh look - I'll tell you this, it was more frustrating than I ever could have imagined. I should really learn the html codes to create custom content, only I haven't yet dedicated endless hours to try to navigate my way through them. I'll only touch on how much I messed up my blog trying to redesign it. After the hardships I faced getting it this far (yeah, I'm aware it still looks simplistic. Don't judge my layout skills - I'm still new at this), I think it'll be a while before I try anymore *ahem* experiments.

I'm sad to say that school resumes for me tomorrow. Christmas break was here and then it was gone, and I'll miss being able to spend the day in my bedroom instead of in a classroom or the library.

I suppose I should go now. The 5-year A.D.B.B.C anniversary special is still in progress and is now in its editing stages, so hopefully I can get that out of the way so everyone can finally watch it. To be honest, I think going back to school will motivate me to work on my videos since my lack of free time helps me realize just how precious it is. Bye, guys.

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