Sunday, May 15, 2016

Summertime Endeavors

Here it is again: summer vacation. After a stressful semester of school, I'm applauding for summer's return even though I can't believe I've been on summer break for nearly a month now, and this brings me to my current predicament. I want - no, need - to spend my free time wisely, but honestly, I kind of just want to nap all day to catch up on all the sleep I've lost during the school year. It's very challenging not to fall into the trap of laziness.

So what do I have planned this summer? Not much, really. I'm fantasizing about a tropical vacation on the beach or strolling the streets of New York City, but if you want an accurate image of what I'm doing, visualize me in my bedroom working my butt off filming some new videos. That's just it - I have so many ideas for new videos that I have no idea where to start. I literally have video ideas I thought of three to four years ago that I still want to film, and on top of that I have three new series I want to start, a possible movie in the works, and various other skits and discussions that I keep pushing to the side. Plus, don't forget I have to work on episodes nine and ten of A Day in Berry Bitty City. Gosh, I'm getting a headache just thinking about it all. Throw in some script-writing, set-making, and clothes designing, and my days are pretty much packed.

That's what's so hard about managing a YouTube channel: I have to do everything myself. Come to think of it, I'm pretty much a one-person production team. I can only work on my projects one at a time, and if I dare try to work on several at once, it'll be utter chaos. Then I have so many ideas that I chuck out the window because they tend to fall into the lower viewership end of my channel. I need to dedicate my time to my big projects, but sometimes I don't know what they are anymore. As of now, my A Day in Berry Bitty City series is the only semi-popular thing on my channel, so if I dedicate a heap of my time starting another Strawberry Shortcake series or even one about Barbie, would they garner similar ratings? I guess I won't know unless I try.

I also really want to get back into writing this summer. I haven't done much of leisurely reading or writing in quite some time, and they were both activities that I couldn't get enough of when I was younger. Since the internet has pretty much taken over my life, I've neglected setting aside time for my past hobbies. What I'm finding strange is that lately I've been pretty bored with the internet. It's a daily hassle just to find something to look up, as a majority of sites hold no sentimental value anymore. I never thought it'd reach this point; I remember back in my preteen days the internet was my outlet to experience the world and spend endless hours finding content that made me laugh and inspired me to create some myself. Sadly, most of the people who inspired me are no longer on the internet. Right about now, reading a good book sounds far more enjoyable than surfing the web. It's funny how the tables have turned.

I've been trying to keep my hands busy while I'm not working on my next video. I can't help but feel guilty for not working on videos like a ninja, filming and editing until my hands cramp and my eyes are sore. I think A Day in Berry Bitty City episode eight is partially to blame. I had no idea that producing this eleven-minute episode would take such a toll on me. Filming went fine for the most part - it was the editing that was a disaster. My editing software decided it would throw a rock on my back and refused to open my project file after I'd worked on editing that episode for three straight days. I'd gotten pretty far with it, too, just to practically lose it all. I managed to find a loophole and at least got a majority of my file back, but I had to reconstruct the audio since for some unforeseen reason all my voice acting was entirely deleted from the episode.

If you haven't seen A Day in Berry Bitty City episode eight yet, you can check it out here:

As I was saying about keeping my hands busy, I sewed Huckleberry Pie some new clothes. He was tired of wearing his same old prince outfit, so I decided to do him a favor. I need him for a new video anyway, so making his everyday outfit was necessary.

Yeah... it doesn't look perfect, I know. It did turn out a bit better than I expected, to say the least (you might not want to look at the back of his jeans, though). Now Huck can become a regular cast member! I'd much rather he wears this instead of that tattered-looking shirt he wore in the A Day in Berry Bitty City 5-Year Anniversary Special. That was the first draft of his outfit, and clearly it looked awful (I tried to hide it, but it's still visible enough. If you want to see what I'm talking about or if you're just interested in seeing Huckleberry's interview in general, be sure to check out the second anniversary special on my channel).

That's about all I can write for this blog post. I guess I'll spend this Sunday afternoon updating my site and writing some scripts if I can convince myself to do it. Who knows, I may even work on a story of some sort. Speaking of stories, one of my friends on YouTube is writing her own Strawberry Shortcake fanfiction, so you should definitely check it out! She's really sweet and her story adds an epic, cool twist to the SSC world. You can check it out here:

Catch you later!           

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