Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lifestyle Changes

One thing I've been doing this summer is looking up recipes - vegan recipes, to be precise. Veganism is a large trend that continues to grow; I'm not usually one to follow trends, but once I discovered all the benefits of veganism, I decided it would be what's best both for animals and my body.

I pretty much grew up on meat - meatloaf, roasted chicken, hamburgers - you name it - so I know this transition might be difficult, but I'm willing to make the change. Before I make any official decisions, I'm gathering a ton of vegan recipes and trying them out to see how I like them. There are plenty of helpful YouTube tutorials with recipes to give the vegan noobs an idea of what they can eat once they cut meat and dairy products from their diet. At the same time, from trying these recipes I can further teach myself how to cook, which will come in handy by the time I'm off on my own.

To my relief, there's a vegan substitution for just about any non-vegan food. I was delighted to find cakes, cookies, biscuits, brownies... okay, I admit, I've mostly been looking at desserts, but I've been looking up other dishes, too, I promise! ;) When I start advancing with my cooking skills, I'm thrilled to learn how to make my own pizza! And the best part is that while I learn these recipes and get to eat all of this delicious (hopefully) food, I'm also going to improve my health. It's the best of both worlds! I am going to miss some things about not being vegan (if I decide to go all out. If veganism doesn't work for me, maybe I could at least become a vegetarian?); my guilty pleasures are white cheddar Cheez-Its, sliced cheese, and ice cream. I can't imagine living without these things, but I'm sure I'll move on from them eventually.

I tried my hand at some vegan pancakes today, and to my surprise they turned out really well! I have to say, they don't taste exactly like regular pancakes (probably because of the banana. Yeah, not a big fan of cooked banana, but that's beside the point), but it's still a good alternative if I have my mouth set on some buttery hot cakes. Do they look mouthwatering?

I'll continue to try vegan recipes and see where this path to veganism takes me. Keep you posted!

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