Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Strawberry Shortcake Series in the Works for 2017?

Ever since the abrupt conclusion to the fourth season of Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures, fans have eagerly awaited official word about a possible fifth season. Not surprisingly, it's been a year since season four aired, and still nothing has been said about season five. A while back I discovered that voice actress and dancer Courtney Christine will take over three of the main characters' roles on the show, which at the time gave me hope of there being a fifth season. You can watch my video discussing the topic here.

Unfortunately, ten months later there's still no other news about the potential fifth season. Then in May of this year, it was suddenly announced that Strawberry's getting an all-new television series altogether, heightening my suspicion that Berry Bitty Adventures might not return for a fifth season after all. If you want all the details on this topic, check out my other video here. If Strawberry Shortcake's getting a brand-new TV series, I expect it to be ten times better than it's predecessor, but that's not what I came to write about today. Today, I'm going to tell you about my new Strawberry Shortcake series.

I'm sure you're aware that my series is merely fan-based and not affiliated with the real thing, so just clearing the air before anyone thinks I'm on the official staff or something. I've had recurring thoughts about how I can reach older audiences with my Strawberry Shortcake videos on my YouTube channel. The accepted standard holds that the SSC fan base is composed of babies and babies only - this is somewhat true in regards to what the franchise states is its target audience (little girls and their mothers, typically. No room for people like me), so I thought I'd penetrate the tight mold in an effort to break it. How will I do this? By making Strawberry Shortcake and her friends act more mature. Simple and mildly corny only begin to describe the episodic plots in Berry Bitty Adventures. It was painful to watch Strawberry and her friends spend an entire episode trying to figure out why their pets were afraid of their hats. That's why I'm making it a goal to have more relatable plots and to emphasize the struggles of growing up. Strawberry and her friends will deal with financial troubles, betrayal, and love triangles (Ick. I'm a little nervous to do that one. But hey, it's what everyone wanted to see in Berry Bitty Adventures while the producers tried to pass off Blueberry and Huck's relationship as purely friend-based, so I'm meeting the fans' requests), all while trying to keep up with society's trends. Part of my inspiration for including modern trends is the Strawberry Shortcake stop motion series Beyond the Box. It's a great example of creating content that appeals to more than just one audience, and they successfully did so without making it inappropriate. My series will take a step up from the official, but it won't be inappropriate; instead there will be a few jokes and implications an older audience will better understand. There won't, howeverbe any cussing or sexual jokes - that's just disgusting, and I would never want to put my audience through that (the most "cussing" Strawberry and her friends will do is shout random fruit names - perfectly appropriate, haha).

For now, the title of my new series will remain top secret until its release date. I don't know how many times I've created a title or concept for someone to later steal it and lie saying I copied them when it's the other way around. This being said, I also won't give away details of the episodes' plots until they're also released. I'm just staying on the safe side. I've thought about this new series non-stop since last Christmas, so I want it to be perfect - and I think, or at least hope, everyone will like it. Fingers crossed!

Before you go, be sure to check out Strawberry Shortcake and Huckleberry Pie's announcement of my new web series. They're just as excited about it as I am! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel ( if you want to find out when my new series will air! I'm aiming for early August.

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