Meet the Cast

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry is the leader of the gang as well as the peacemaker between her friends. Often the optimist, she isn't one to easily become upset; but like everyone, she does have her moments, particularly when handling a difficult recipe or encountering those from her past. She feels happiest and most at home when she has her spatula and mixer in hand.

  Blueberry Muffin

When you think of Blueberry, the first word to come to mind is "bookworm". In fact, Blueberry is usually so entertained by her books that she tends to forget everything and everyone around her. She's also a whole-hearted nerd, and the others try to avoid her because she uses every given opportunity to give them a detailed lecture.


 Plum Pudding

Plum is pretty much anything but normal: she's the jokester in the pack, so from time to time she's rather sarcastic. She's Berry Bitty City's dance instructor and directs everything else that involves a performance. She's a gifted dancer and hopes to join Berry Big City's dance company one day.

Lemon Meringue

The only hair stylist in town, Lemon is always busy doing her friends' hair on a day-to-day basis. She can be ditsy at times but is very knowledgeable concerning her trade. Lemon is also a dedicated artist in the making, and when she's pleased with her work she will proudly proclaim,"Perfect!"

Cherry Jam

All Cherry desires is to be treated like a normal person. A former citizen of Berry Big City, she decided to move to the quaint town of Berry Bitty City to escape her burdensome career. She has a unique personality, and the others believe her roots may be connected to Acorn Acres due to her slight southern drawl. However, like Strawberry she seems to keep quiet about her past life.


Raspberry Torte

Raspberry is the fashionista in Berry Bitty City, and she will argue with you if you tell her otherwise. She's the closest with Lemon, but she's often competitive with her if they argue about their different preferences in style. Raspberry can be a bit indecisive at times and often stumbles over her words, but rest assured she is the most expressive about her profession over anyone else.

Orange Blossom

Orange is daring - she's the most adventurous and outgoing girl in the Berry Bunch. Always full of energy and enthusiasm, she's one to put work before fun - in fact, she spends her evenings organizing her store to relax. Orange can be bossy and short-tempered at times, but her friends love her nonetheless.

Princess Berrykin

Princess Berrykin is the most zany ruler Berry Bitty City has ever had; sometimes, she takes her title as princess a little too far for the citizens' tastes. You'd better watch out: refuse the princess' orders, and she'll fling her wand at you - and believe me, you will not like the results.


Keylime, the newest member of the pack, is the most aggressive of them all. She'd rather be playing football than picking flowers, and her favorite thing to do is to ride her motorcycle into the sunset. She is somehow connected to Strawberry's past; they used to be best friends, in fact.

Custard and Pupcake

These two are nothing but trouble, and even though they have Strawberry as an owner and role model, they use their cuteness as tactics to get what they want. They're most often seen trying to sneak food out of people's refrigerators.

The Smiths

The Smiths are a cheerful family who, like Keylime, are connected to Strawberry's past. The two children, Tapper and Tiny, are almost as mischievous as Custard and Pupcake: Tapper is overly dramatic and a gossip, and Tiny, well, there's no describing his odd character. He's very talkative for a two-year-old.

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