There are a few rules that I have implemented for my social media accounts. I would appreciate if you read through this list carefully and abide by the policies I've set.

1. Commenting

Haters and hate comments will not be tolerated. Negative commenters are instantly blocked and will have their comments removed. Keep in mind that you can share your opinion without being nasty.

In addition to this, I will block you if you leave spam on my content such as advertising to make easy money, advertising a phony site to get free followers, or if you comment things that don't make any sense.

Comments similar to the text below will be removed:
ghhfdbsbhfhewhsjfah (prime example of nonsensical gibberish)

2. Do Not Steal My Videos or Photos

Do NOT take my videos and photos and re-upload them. Not only do I find this disrespectful, but it's also theft and copyright infringement, and I reserve the right to have the stolen content removed. On the other hand, if you showcase snippets of my work and give me credit in an educational format or if you're recommending my YouTube channel, I more than likely won't have a problem with it. However, it's better to check with me first.

3. Don't Be A Copycat

Yes, I love it when people feel inspired by my work, but that doesn't mean it's okay to copy it. If you like my videos, that's great! But if you're considering making Strawberry Shortcake videos of your own, use your own original ideas. We don't want every video on YouTube to be the same, do we? It's great to have diversity!

4. Be Polite

Do not pester me about how I should manage my YouTube channel. This includes but isn't limited to: telling me to remove content you don't like, bugging me to feature you and/or to make a video about you, and nagging me about subscribing to your channel. I find these cases very annoying and will not put up with them.

5. Be Kind to Others

This should apply to everywhere on the internet, not just my social media accounts: be kind to others! Don't harass them, bully them, or tell them they're worthless - what kind of person would that make you? I want YouTube to be a positive and enlightening experience both for me and my subscribers, so let's be the ones to spread a little light to the world!

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